Nail Art 8ml Rhinestone UV Glue Gel Adhesive + Wax Tip Pickup Pen Tools for Gem Stones


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Color:8ml UV Rhinestones Glue+Rhinestones Picker Pen+UV Glue Brushes

1. Buy The Glue, With Free Tool Sets– UV/LED Glue for Nail Rhinestones/8ml + Dual End Wax Tip Rhinestone Picker Pen/1pc + UV/LED Glue Brush Tools/3pcs, These Nail Supplies Are a Must Have for Nail Rhinestones Design DIY.
2. Sticky&Strong Hold Glue– The UV/LED Glue is Super Sticky, Which Ensure its Strong Hold Ability for Rhinestones, Most of The Nail Salons in The States Use Our Glue to do Nail art Rhinestone Work for Their Clients.
3.Dual-End Wax/Steel Tip Rhinestone Picking Pen– The Wax Tip is Used for Picking up The Stones, The Steel Tip is Used for Adjusting The Stones and Remove The stones When You Wanna Change Style Of Your Nails.
4.Multi-funtion– For artificial nails or natural nails? For Flatback or Non-flatback rhinestones? Buy one, for all.
1.Apply the glue on the nail,
2.put the rhinestones on, cure it for about 3 minutes(Recommend 48W UV/LED Lamp);the time to cure may be differ for different lamps, just cure it till its complete dry;
3. for large or non-flatback rhinestones, fill a little more glue into the gap and the base to make sure its double secured, cure it again till its completely dry, done.
TIP: If its still sticky after cured, the reason may be the wattage of the UV lamp you are using is too low, you can try cure it for a longer time and put your nails closer to the light source till its completely dry.
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