The partial foot of a large dinosaur discovered during an archaeological dig earlier this year. Picture: Wits University

AN Monumental dinosaur that roamed Earth 200 million several years in the past is considered to have been the greatest land animal alive at the time. The prehistoric creature weighed 12 tonnes, and was approximately 2 times the dimension of a substantial African elephant. Industry experts say the creature roamed in the region all-around Clarens, […]

Fossil enthusiast Philip Mullaly holds a giant shark tooth identified as being from an extinct species of mega-toothed shark - the great jagged narrow-toothed shark (Carcharocles angustidens). Picture: AFP

AREN’T sharks scary enough? The biggest of them all — the megalodon — has been dead three million years. And, yes, if they were alive now, palaeontologists would say — get out of the water, now! Huge. Insatiable. Unstoppable. There’s no doubt the megalodon was amazing. Nobody is suggesting that the new action movie The […]

Researchers propose that the black circled patches, above, represent Hawking Points — the ghosts of black holes from a previous universe.

ALL the proof reveals our universe emerged from a one celebration: an eruption normally regarded as the Huge Bang. What preceded that issue is a thriller. But it has substantial implications. It is about the destiny of our universe. We know room is growing. We can see that in the way all the galaxies all-around […]